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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Giving Campaign

Holiday giving campaigns are the norm for many organizations. These organizations many times count on year-end donations to reach fundraising goals set at the beginning of the year.  So it’s good that people are more motivated to give around the holidays – 34% of donations of all charitable giving is done in the last 3 months of the year. This year’s Giving Tuesday raised over $380 million – a 27% increase over 2017. So if you want to capitalize on the momentum and create your own holiday giving campaign, here are some tips!

Tip #1: Utilize Data

Data is an important part of creating a holiday giving campaign that moves the needle. It’s important that you and your team are able to use data and numbers to support the strategy behind the campaign you implement. Campaigns based on feeling alone will lack the drive and strategy needed to be successful.

Tip #2: Create a Goal-Oriented Campaign

Tying into Tip #1 about utilizing data, it’s important to know what your organization’s goals are for a holiday giving campaign. You should not leave it open ended. Put numbers on it- whether those numbers are dollars raised, new followers or greater engagement on social media, or new emails to add to your database.

Tip #3: Be Unique

Run a campaign that is unique to your organization so that you stand out from the crowd. During the holidays, every organization is trying to fundraise at the same time. You have to be creative, authentic and realistic when it comes to getting people to notice and donate.

Tip #4: Use Consistent Messaging

Make sure the messaging on your campaign stays consistent throughout all social channels, email blasts, printed mailers and more. Creating consistency with your messaging helps potential donors recognize and recall your organization’s campaign when it comes time to open their checkbook.

Tip #5: Maintain Email Lists

Your database is one of the most important assets to your organization. Owned content is the most valuable kind in today’s crowded landscape. It’s important to maintain your email database all year round to avoid scrambling to get things organized and cleaned up in the last couple weeks leading up to your campaign. Keep your database organized and updated for the best chance of successful conversions.

Tip #6: Don’t Harass Regular Donors

Many organizations make this one mistake: they don’t create separate messaging for their donors who have already contributed throughout the year. Instead of asking for more money, your organization should create a marketing piece thanking donors for what they’ve already given throughout the year. Start your outreach to past donors by thanking them for their previous donations and showing them some of the impact they’ve made through their contribution with quotes and pictures from the beneficiaries. Not only are you providing more value in the eyes of donors, you are also encouraging another donation without directly asking for it.

Tip #7: Track and Measure

Just as important as using data to conceptualize a holiday giving campaign is using it to see how it performed. Did you meet your goals that you set at the beginning of the campaign? Did this campaign perform better or worse that others throughout the year or in previous years? Look at what went well and what made the most impact. This information is important to create an even more successful holiday giving campaign next year.

We hope these tips are helpful for you as you complete some of your final fundraising pushes of 2018. 

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