Who We Are


As a part of DB Consulting Firm, LLC, Tackle What Matters aims to create and manage relationships between professional athletes and nonprofit organizations that have a shared passion to make an impact in the community.


Especially in today’s world of athlete activism, we strive to help brands, non-profits and athletes themselves be able to not only appropriately address these issues but also take action in a way that makes a lasting impact towards their cause. We work hard to help athletes use their brand equity to create a successful second career. We help athletes take on life outside of sports confidently.


Today, many people pay close attention to the causes and issues that the brands they support and use on a regular basis stand for.

Whether it is a professional athlete someone follows on social media or the coffee brand they drink on the way to work every day, a good social responsibility reputation matters now more than ever.

In today’s polarizing climate, it can be challenging to understand how to best leverage a brand in a positive social light that makes a true impact. It can seem overwhelming or dangerous to take a position or support a cause. Even worse, foundations can be created without long term goals and end up collecting dust because they have a lack of focus.

Why Tackle What Matters?

We want to help collegiate and professional athletes find a positive focus that fits their life, their mission and their passion. Our services include strategic partnerships, hospitality and events, marketing and more.

We also offer resources through Tackle What’s Next, our career transition sister company for athletes of all ages, sports and circumstances. Our team has worked with various programs and initiatives around the globe.

We supported the University of Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes, which graduated more than 60 current and former NFL players, models and entertainers.

Our team has experience coordinating and managing events at high-profile venues such as the United Nations and Super Bowl Week.

We have coordinated international mission trips to countries such as Haiti, Malawi, China, Egypt and Guatemala with professional athletes and entertainers to raise awareness for their favorite causes.