The Challenge: 

Many athletes work hard to give back and make a difference in their communities. Athletes typically start their own charitable foundations, but it can often be hard to manage all the time, energy and resources that starting a nonprofit organization entails.

From staying compliant with federal, state and local tax regulations, ensuring there are enough resources and staff to promote and support foundation initiatives, and creating strategic plans for community impact, it is a large commitment of time and resources.

The Solution:

Authentic and sustainable partnerships with established nonprofit organizations can raise valuable awareness for a professional athlete’s brand as well as open additional opportunities for community relationships and brand opportunities off the field.

Professional athletes need to consistently be building their brands outside of sport, and philanthropy is a great way to do that.

People like to see athletes giving back in the community, and consistently support brands that have a social conscience. Professional athletes have a unique reach and network that many nonprofits could use to raise awareness for their programming and initiatives.

By partnering with a nonprofit organization, athletes can support the community through their ever expanding social media presence, appearances at events or programming opportunities and their brand personality.

“Anything you are passionate about has a social good aspect. You just have to look for it!”

Danielle Berman, CEO, Tackle What Matters

The Numbers:


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Philanthropy Workshops

Athletes will leave this workshop feeling more confident about their philanthropic efforts. Whether an athlete is already involved in philanthropy work or they are looking to get involved for the first time, this workshop aims to help them increase impact and engagement with their cause.

Training Sessions

Our team will share our knowledge, resources and experience with you. Through our training series, we will provide specific strategies, documentation and materials to better assist you with learning the ins and outs of working with nonprofit organizations and participating in effective philanthropy.

Community Impact Initiatives

Get out in the community supporting a cause that matters to you. Our team is primed to go out in the community and create opportunities for you to give back. We will help coordinate the impact project from start to finish, from creating the partnership, planning the logistics, and implementing the project on the big day.

Nonprofit Relationship Creation

Our team can facilitate relationships with nonprofit organizations and benefit the athlete through aligning them with a reputable organization already making an impact in the community.

Full-Service Philanthropy Game Plan Creation & Management

Looking to create and manage nonprofit partnerships and initiatives? Let our team take the reins and help you create and maintain valuable relationships with nonprofits and community organizations that can help elevate your brand.