Sports Philanthropy Advisors Doing it Right

Surrounding yourself with the right team is important. Make sure you have a circle of professionals you can count on to reach your goals. We’ve put together a list of some of the best sports philanthropy advisors who can help you make sure you’re at the top of your game.

Sports Philanthropy Advisors:

Allison Hawk Colinger, Communications and Strategic Partnership
ACH Consulting, LLC

Tara Greco, Brand Alignment
Postgame PR

Melinda Weisberg, Board Governance
Larry Weisberg, Marketing and Branding
CG Consulting for the Common Good

Suzanne Potts, Program Design
Athletes for Hope

Andrew Morton, Non-Profit Law
Handle Thayer LLP Sports and Entertainment Group

Rob Canton, Strategic Planning
Athletes and Causes

Nicole Hawkins, Communications
Nicole Hawkins Communications

Lisa McAlister, Cause-related Marketing
With Good Cause, Inc.

Dr. Nita Evans, Education & Career Development
Catch Education

Alan Pavlosky, Strategic Partnerships
All Sports United

Erica Prosser & Eric Shainock, Strategic Planning, Partnerships, Branding and Communications
Philanthropy Playmakers

Alycia M. Powell, Nonprofit Management
Champions for Philanthropy

Vinay Mullick, Measurement and Evaluation

Whitney Holtzman, Social Media and Digital Marketing
Social Victories

Samantha Rogers, Community Engagement + Revenue Generation.
Relate Social Capital

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