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April was a busy month for our team at DB Consulting! We attended the University of Miami’s The Global Entertainment + Sport Conference 2018, hosted the FLAIA ABC Forum 2018 in Hollywood, FL and worked with several organizations to grow awareness for our work and efforts.

We are going to be getting back to blogs soon, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the features we secured over the last month. For more, check out our In the News page!

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Philanthropy Playmakers: April 2018 Playbook

The Philanthropy Playmakers featured Founder Danielle Berman as an MVP in the sports philanthropy space. 


The Institute for Athlete Branding and Marketing: Athlete Brand Insider

The Institute for Athlete Branding and Marketing interviewed Founder Danielle Berman on her thoughts on athlete branding in today’s digital landscape. She comments on her favorite athlete brands and what constitutes an “epic” athlete brand. Check it out!


Athlete Activism Resource Guide

In partnership with VCG Sports, we put together a guide for professional athletes, agents and sports executives on Athlete Activism.

Athlete Activism Resource Guide

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