Project Management

Logistics & Team Management

We can coordinate and manage all the logistics for your future project, event or initiative. Our team is able to work with the partners and team members that are already committed to helping you succeed. If you are planning an event, creating a philanthropic initiative, or creating a business venture, we will take the lead on managing the various to-dos so you can focus on what matters to you. From scheduling meetings to coordinating marketing and media opportunities to managing all partners and team members involved, you can count on us to take care of the details. No matter what you want to pursue, our team can help you get there. We strive to help you take on life outside of sports confidently.

Career Development

Our career development services mean we can help you create or refresh your resume, prepare for a big meeting or interview, and help you network with the right people to create a potential opportunity. With our extensive network of business executives in various sectors, sports business executives, non-profits, and more, we can help you reach the right people to make your dream a reality.

Networking 101

Learn how to work a room or work your connections. Being a professional athlete opens a lot of doors that the average person could never even imagine. You may not even know the influence you have. Let our team help you use that to your advantage.

Resume Building and Interview Skills

Resumes aren’t just for job hunting- it’s important to keep them updated in case a potential partner wants to learn more about your background. With our human resources experience, we can help you stay on top of your documents or get prepared for the job hunt. Our team stays up to speed with what employers are looking for with resumes, bios and cover letters and can help make sure your documents are in tip-top shape for any job or opportunity you are considering. We can also help you prepare for interviews, whether they are over the phone or in person.