Philanthropy Workshops for Pro Athletes

Professional Athlete Workshops

Our expert philanthropy game plan consultants provide comprehensive sports philanthropy workshops to assist professional athletes with their philanthropic game plan. We strive to help athletes to appropriately address important issues that matter to them, but also take action in a way that makes a lasting impact towards their cause. We help professional athletes find a positive focus and partnerships that fit their life, their mission and their passion.


Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the nonprofit industry
  • Why sports philanthropy is so important
  • Athlete activism vs. philanthropy
  • Finding your philanthropic focus
  • Evaluation of current philanthropic initiatives
  • Alternatives to starting a nonprofit
  • Authentic and strategic partnerships
  • Social impact branding
  • Forming a nonprofit
  • Cause marketing
  • Measurement & Evaluation
  • Events & fundraisers


Athlete Benefits:

Athletes will leave this workshop feeling more confident about their philanthropic efforts. Our goal is to empower athletes to make more sustainable philanthropic commitments. Whether an athlete is already involved in philanthropy work or they are looking to get involved for the first time, this workshop aims to help them increase impact and engagement with their cause.