Tackle What’s Next Summit: Washington, D.C.


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September 23, 2019 | 12-7:30pm
Tower Club
Vienna, VA

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Are you an athlete searching for what’s next in your life? Don’t know where to turn or how to figure out your next career after sports?

The transition from sport to what’s next can be isolating and challenging for everyone. You may struggle with things as simple as finding a new routine or grapple with how to find your next passion.

Do you work with athletes?

You may have athlete clients, co-workers or friends that don’t know where to turn, or you may want to be a positive support system for them during their transition.

Are you a company looking for employees with the built-in skillsets to make your team better?

Athletes have valuable attributes that businesses need to grow, like leadership, adaptability, determination and teamwork.

Start here.

The Tackle What’s Next Summit is a must-attend event for athletes, sports executives, and corporations to learn more about how to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of athlete career transition.

Learn how to find your next passion outside of sports.

Network with key influencers, executives and businesses that can help get you where you want to go.

Identify your skills that are valuable to a business or a community organization.

Understand the opportunities that are available to you.

Discover and build your next career.


Mark Moyer
Business / Transition Coach – Athletes & Entrepreneurs
Author – “Win Again” | Host – “Make Your Mark” Podcast

For the past 20 years, Mark has been coaching current and retired athletes into their post-sport endeavors, and advising a wide array of entrepreneurs and businesses on how to expand their customer base, market visibility and increasing their bottom lines.

He hosts his “Make Your Mark “podcast, focusing on athletes who are making a positive impact post playing career, and wrote “Win Again”, the job search playbook for athletes who need the tips and strategies needed to land a great new job, or boost their entrepreneurial ventures.

Mark has been a keynote speaker and panelist at numerous conferences and industry events, and has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, NCAA.org, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Monster.com, VIKTRE, LA Talk Radio, NHLCA and others.

Mark is a graduate of Colgate University with a degree in economics. He supports several charitable organizations, and works with military veterans as they transition into civilian roles. As a longtime Manhattan resident, he plays ice hockey, softball, squash and golf, and coaches Little League.

Jeff Goldfinger
Founder, Xtra Mile Training and Development

Jeff Goldfinger is a former U.S. Navy Flight Officer with nearly two decades of aerospace and defense industry experience as a program manager, business developer and business unit lead.

Over the past twenty years, he has individually produced or contributed on teams that have generated more than $1.5Bn of new business while accumulating a competitive win rate that’s more than twice his industry’s average.

In 2013, he founded Xtra Mile Training and Development to pursue his passion for helping others “learn how to fish so they can feed themselves for life.” He has taught client relationship and business development skills to more than 500 learners ranging in size from a $70M startup to four of the world’s top ten aerospace companies.


12:00pm – 12:50pm: Check In & Networking with Key Influencers

12:50pm – 12:55pm: Welcome
Danielle Berman, Founder, Tackle What’s Next

12:55pm – 1:20pm: Turn Your Athletic Advantage Into Business Success
Mark Moyer – Business / Transition Coach – Athletes & Entrepreneurs
Author – “Win Again” | Host – “Make Your Mark” Podcast

1:25pm – 2:15pm: Winning the Game of Life After Sports 
Jim Goldfinger – Customertimes Corp – MODERATOR
David Pessin – PK Law
Charma Harris – CNA Corporation
Brendan Harris – Former MLB Player, SeventySix Capital
Tiffany Scott – elite8 marketing

2:20pm – 2:40pm: Pitching Your Playbook: An introduction to creating compelling business narratives
Jeff Goldfinger – Founder, Xtra Mile Training and Development

2:45pm – 3:35pm: Planning for a Healthy Future
Darrell Rogers – Institute for Integrative Nutrition – MODERATOR
Phil Costa – The Transition Playbook for Athletes
Natasha Carter – T.E.A.M.
Malcolm Lemmons – Former Pro Basketball Player, Players Point Studios
Navin Kumar – US Table Tennis Athlete and Hollywood Actor
Nate Giles – InnerG Fitness

3:40pm – 4:30pm: Teaming up with Your Community
Erika Mueller – Peace Corps – MODERATOR
Nicole Hawkins – Admirable Athlete
Frances Reimers – Firestarter
Zane Schweitzer – International Surfing Association World Champion, Author, ECO & Aloha Ambassador, Speaker
Matt Stover – Players’ Philanthropy Fund
Pops Mensah-Bonsu – Capital City Go-Go

4:35pm – 5:25pm: Fireside Chat with NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter Leaders
James Boening – Ourisman Lexus Rockville General Manager – MODERATOR
Ricky Ray – NFLPA DC Former Players President
Otis Smith – NFLPA DC Former Players Vice President
Claude Harriott – NFLPA DC Former Players Executive Member
Darnerien McCants – NFLPA DC Former Players Executive Member

5:30pm – 7:30pm: MNF Pre-Game Networking Cocktail with NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter Members  

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Danielle Berman
Founder, DB Consulting Firm, LLC & Tackle What’s Next Summit
Connecting athletes and nonprofits to make an impact
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If you are an athlete looking to make a greater impact in your community, it’s important to utilize the resources and skills you already have and partner with those who can help. Danielle Berman has dedicated her career to helping others and is passionate about educating athletes and nonprofits on the best ways to work together to create social impact. 

She founded DB Consulting to put her knowledge and experience to good use guiding professional athletes and organizations who want to make an impact in the community. After recognizing there were missed opportunities occurring in the philanthropy world, she dedicated her work to creating and managing relationships between athletes and nonprofits to further community impact. She aims to ensure that the projects athletes take on in the community are sustainable and truly impactful. 

Danielle also works to provide athletes of all ages, sports and circumstance the opportunity to focus on what’s next in life after sports through the Tackle What’s Next Summit series. She founded the Tackle What’s Next movement with the goal of providing athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges of transition out of sport as well as share resources that can help. 

Danielle graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Sports Management and a minor in Public Communications. She earned her Sports Philanthropy Certificate from George Washington University.

James Boening
Leader, GM, Dealer Principal, Entrepreneur, Host, Author, Speaker, Founder at Ourisman Lexus Rockville, The Gentlemen Series, AlphaTeam 

Mr. Boening has owned companies in many different industries; Automotive, Finance & Lending, Health & Fitness, Home Remodeling, Food/Restaurant, Music/Recording, and Media. Self-made entrepreneur from an early age of 24, he has written and published a book and has another one in the making titled SuperGross TM. His strengths are finding niches’ and adapting quickly to change.

James has been employed by a Fortune 500 Company to grow and produce more Net Gross. He oversaw one of the most successful operations within the company for years. One of his companies, Synergy Acceptance that he founded and owned 40% of, sold for 20mm in the fourth year of operation. He is a graduate of the NADA Dealer Academy. He is the Founder of the AlphaTeam and the creator of building brands within brands within multiple manufacturers.

He has recently joined forces with Chris Ourisman on a new venture of building, running, and acquiring Franchise Dealerships and currently the Host of “The Gentlemen Series”.

Natasha Carter
Licensed Psychotherapist for Athletes
Founder, T.E.A.M.

Natasha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds clinical licenses in District of Columbia, Maryland and North Carolina. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, minor in African Studies and Barry University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

With 13 years of clinical experience, Natasha has extensive training working with and providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She has provided services in an array of environments such as private practice, schools, athletic organizations/teams, community agencies, inpatient and outpatient hospitals, residential facilities, and substance abuse programs. Although she loves working with all populations, her passion is providing therapeutic services within sports.

Natasha is the founder of Learning Alternative Ways to Channel Euphoria, (L.A.C.E.) LLC, as well as Teaching and Empowering Athletes Mentally (T.E.A.M.). L.A.C.E. educates, promotes and inspires empowering breakthroughs in how young women develop and implement creative coping strategies. The programming encourages positive alternatives in order to gain self-acceptance and euphoria.

T.E.A.M. educates athletes about the daily stressors that may arise while participating in an athletic organization. The programming promotes mental conditioning, teaches athletes skills to be better prepared to cope in healthy ways, and advocates for mental health services to be more accessible for athletes. Through both organizations Natasha offers individual therapy, telehealth therapeutic services, clinical supervision for Social Workers in D.C., workshops and seminars (including groups, teams and coaches) and speaking engagements.

Phil Costa
Former Starting Center for Dallas Cowboys
Author, The Transition Playbook for ATHLETES: How Elite Athletes Win After Sports

Connect with Phil on Instagram

Phil’s road to the NFL was arduous, having taken a notoriously more difficult route to success. He entered the NFL as an Undrafted Free Agent and eventually became a two-year starter on “America’s Team,” playing in 26 games for the Dallas Cowboys. His professional football career was limited by injuries.After football, he worked for a medical device company, assisting heart surgeons during more than 500 operations. In 2018, Phil graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School. His passion for growth opportunities through cultural exchange has led him to live abroad in Spain, become fluent in Spanish, and visit more than 30 countries.

After football, he worked for a medical device company, assisting heart surgeons during more than 500 operations. In 2018, Phil graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School. His passion for growth opportunities through cultural exchange has led him to live abroad in Spain, become fluent in Spanish, and visit more than 30 countries.

Phil received his B.A. from the University of Maryland in Social Science, focusing in Criminal Justice. Maryland is a top school for Criminal Justice and was ranked #1 in the country when Phil chose to attend. He graduated with honors, maintaining a GPA over 3.0, and was recognized on the ALL-ACC Academic Team in 2007 and 2008. During his Senior Year, Phil was elected Team Captain by his teammates.

Nate Giles
Personal Trainer, InnerG Fitness

Nate Giles is an Administrator in a Public Charter High School in Northeast, D.C. by day, and a Certified Personal Trainer for InnerG Fitness by evening. On Saturdays and Sundays, he is a “Weekend Warrior,” frequently traveling and competing in various Obstacle Course Races aka “Mud Races” (i.e., Spartan, Rugged Maniac, etc).

He is an advocate for health and wellness for people of all ages, and understands that mental and physical health and wellness have many direct correlations.

Jim Goldfinger
CCO of Customertimes Corp

Jim is currently the Chief Customer Officer of Customertimes Corp, a professional service organization assisting global corporations improve their business operations in the area of customer management by leveraging enabling technologies. Jim has spent 30+ years in the enterprise software industry, having worked with both software and professional services companies ranging from venture backed start-ups to some of the largest software companies in the world.

He has held management roles across Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Product Marketing, Professional Services and Corporate Strategy. Jim has personally worked with 500+ clients across the globe. He currently serves on the boards of Saveamind, Student2Scholar and serves as an advisor to several enterprise software and professional services organizations.

Jim has a BS in Mathematics from Duke University graduating Magna Cum Laude, was President of his class and a member of the Varsity Wrestling team. Jim has also created and participated in several volunteer tutoring programs in underserved communities in several states and has been a Big Brother and mentor for over 20 years.

Claude Harriott
Former NFL Player, NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter Member
Finance Executive

Playing professional football was a life long dream that gave more to Claude than he ever could have imagined. Meeting, working and living with people from all walks of life and parts of the world was a blessing filled with life lessons. While still playing, Claude was able to teach and coach different sports at his high school in Belle Glade, Florida in the off seasons. Being able to give back has always been an important part of his life.

Upon retiring from playing football professionally Claude implemented the leadership skills and team building learned on “the gridiron “ in the financial arena. With the organization American Income Life being his first stop after football (2013- 2016), Claude continued with the passion of helping others by teaching others how to protect themselves and their families through the knowledge of life insurance.

His purpose was contagious and quickly built a team of agents in training them how live on purpose and not a sale. In 2016 he took his talents to Bank of America as a Relationship Manager where he formed relationships in downtown Washington DC that gave clients the opportunity to be consulted by someone they trusted. At the same time, he was recognized by his peers and supervisors for being number one in the market. In 2018, Claude was noticed by his clients who happened to work at Morgan Stanley Financial Group and was approached to join not just because of his financial understanding but his ability to build relationships while guiding his clients towards their financial goals.

Claude did this all while growing in his marriage with his wonderful wife Rachel, loving fatherhood chasing his two little girls Cadence and Caylee around the city. Claude spends his spare time coaching and mentoring kids in the local DC high schools, in not just football but Skills for Life during and after the game.

Brendan Harris
Former MLB Player
Athlete in Residence, SeventySix Capital

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Brendan is a former 8 year MLB infielder that currently works for sports tech venture capital firm SeventySix Capital.  He recently completing his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and is an active investor and advisor to several startups in the sports, health and real estate industries. He has worked in player development and pro scouting for the Los Angeles Angels. He is passionate about applying data and the latest technology to new areas of the game, providing actionable insights and allowing for better on field performance, decision making, and an improved fan experience. 

Brendan attended The College of William and Mary and was originally drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 5th round. He spent most of his MLB career with the Rays, Twins, and Angels, and was part of two Central Division titles with the Twins. During his career he served on the executive subcommittee for the MLBPA, and assisted in negotiations for the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

During his career, Brendan ran baseball camps for kids aged 5-18 in his hometown of Queensbury, NY, with the proceeds benefitting local little leagues and military charities. With grad school completed, he is looking forward to getting those up and running once again. 

Charma Harris
CNA Corporation
Former NCAA Track & Field Athlete
Connect with Charma on Linkedin

Charma Harris graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management and was a member of the school’s Division I Track & Field team. Upon graduating from Syracuse, she accepted a job with the PGA TOUR as a Tournament Services Coordinator at the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami, Florida. While at the PGA TOUR, Charma was promoted to Tournament Services Manager for the Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship (a Major Championship on the PGA TOUR Champions) and was responsible for managing client services, player logistics/ accommodations and the annual volunteer and internship programs for the championship.

After 5 years with the PGA TOUR, Charma is now pursuing a career in Human Resources as a Talent Acquisition Professional at CNA, a non-profit research and analysis organization based in Arlington, Virginia. In her role, Charma is combining her passion and experience in recruiting to enhance CNA’s recruiting strategies.

In 2017, Charma Harris joined Syracuse University’s Sport Management Advisory Board, as an Alumni board member.

Nicole Hawkins
Founder, Nicole Hawkins Communications, Admirable Athlete
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In 2004, Nicole founded Nicole Hawkins Communications, a consulting firm that provides advice and guidance to sports, entertainment, non-profit and corporate clients. Current and past work includes Capital One Arena, the Atlantic 10 Conference, the State Farm Bayou Classic, the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League, the Sports Philanthropy Executive Certificate Program at The George Washington University, Panera Bread, AARP, WJLA-TV/ABC 7 and Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic.

Noticing a lack of attention being paid to athletes who were making a positive impact in their communities, Nicole launched Admirable Athlete in the fall of 2016. Admirable Athlete is a multi-media platform that focuses on only the good work athletes are doing off of the field of play. Original Admirable Athlete content is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2019. 

Prior to founding NHC and Admirable Athlete, Nicole was the Public Relations Director for the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Washington Wizards. Nicole made history as the first African American woman to be named Public Relations Director for an NBA franchise. While working with the Wizards, Nicole worked closely with players, coaches, staff and members of the media. She was responsible for all aspects of running the department which included pitching and facilitating media interviews, traveling with the team to ensure all media relations requirements were met and ensuring that game night media operations ran efficiently.

Nicole is a member of ColorComm, an organization designed to unite diverse women in the communications industry, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Association of Women in Sports Media and the Public Relations Society of America. 
Born and raised in Watertown, New York Nicole is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Aliya Hulse
Founder & CEO, MWM Systems

Aliya Hulse is the Founder and CEO of MWM Systems, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through innovation, communications, personal development and team building. Aliya specializes in helping emerging and experienced entrepreneurs create strategic alliances and partnerships, because one secret to success is working more effectively as a team. Aliya’s team provides personal and business coaching, as well as training on personal and professional development.

Currently, one of her teams is working with former and current athletes on transitioning from the world of sports to the world of business. Aliya is the VP of a nonprofit organization that helps connect current athletes with their passions and rising youth from underprivileged communities. Aliya has been appointed to be the Vice-Chair of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum hosted by the Wharton Club of DC, which will launch in August of 2019. 

Aliya studied international relations and international economics at the George Washington University and is currently working on her Masters in Communications from Sage University, Spain. Right after college Aliya helped establish and managed an international office in the nuclear energy industry and opened her own small business.

Navin Kumar
US Table Tennis athlete and Hollywood Actor
Visit Navin’s IMDB PAGE

Navin P. Kumar has an unusual life story. Born with a rare heart condition, Navin survived 5 major open heart surgeries throughout his life, as well as a mechanical heart and diagnosis of young onset Parkinson’s Disease 6 years ago at the age of 39. In spite of all that, Navin got back into his childhood passion of table tennis after his Parkinson’s diagnosis, defied the odds against him, and now represents the USA for table tennis on the international level as part of the USA’s Para Olympic Program. Navin made history last December when he became the first ever medalist with Parkinson’s and congenital heart condition at the US Open Championships for table tennis, when he won 2 bronze medals for the USA. This October, Navin will be making history again as he will be representing the USA at the inaugural ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships in Pleasantville, New York. He hopes to win the gold medal for the USA.

Navin is also a motivational speaker who speaks all over the USA teaching people how to deal with the tough times in life, while also sharing his story as well. Earlier this year, Navin made his Hollywood movie acting debut in “Attack of the Unknown” (2019), and also served as an Executive Producer for this movie, which is in post-production now, and should be released in theaters nationwide as early as this fall.

Life has knocked Navin down many times, but he continues to pick himself right back up each time and defy the odds with his positive attitude and smile. Whatever Navin chooses to do in life, be it acting, competing on the world level for table tennis, motivational speaking, or his music (professional violinist and singer), he chooses to do these things with the hope of making a positive impact on the lives of others. Navin’s story has been featured worldwide, with the hope of inspiring positivity, and he is known by his nickname in the table tennis world as the “Bionic Man”, due to the mechanical, electronic, and other artificial components inside him. Navin will be featured in a follow-up television interview by ABC News in the Fall of 2019 to showcase the improvement in his health, compared to his previous ABC Television Feature which aired in April 2017, thanks to table tennis, general exercise, and a positive attitude.

Malcolm Lemmons
Former Pro Athlete, Author, Entrepreneur
Founder, Players Point Studios
Connect with Malcolm on LinkedIn

Malcolm is the founder of Players Point Studios, a content marketing and storytelling company that helps athletes, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers create and distribute authentic digital content. 
He is a former professional athlete turned author, and entrepreneur. Malcolm is the host of the Players Point Podcast, where he interviews current and former athletes, as well as others in the sports industry on a variety of intersecting topics including life after sports, entrepreneurship, mental health and more.

Shortly after retiring from playing professional basketball, he published his first book called Lessons From the Game, which details his life through basketball and how athletes can use key lessons taught through sports to succeed in life. He has also written for publications such as the Huffington Post, and Athlete Network.

As a native of Washington DC, Malcolm played four years of high school basketball at Gonzaga College High School, earning All-WCAC honors multiple times and honorable All-Met his senior and junior years. He received his degree in Business Management from Niagara University and spent his two years playing professional basketball in Japan. Malcolm has been recognized by media outlets such as Tv One, ABC, MLB Network, and WUSA.

Darnerien McCants
Former NFL Player, NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter Member
Founder, Coach McCants Sports and Fitness, LLC
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Darnerien McCants was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 2001 after a star career at Delaware State University. In 2003 he led the Redskins in touchdown receptions. While at Delaware State, he majored in art. One of his greater accomplishments was establishing the Darnerien McCants Endowment, where he has over $50,000 of equipment to his alma mater.

Music, fashion, photography all are passions of his. He sold over 100 pieces of artwork and released two CDs “My first 7” and “A Piece of Me”. But he was still missing that team camaraderie, so he began coaching football, basketball, and track, at the youth and high school levels.

Unbeknownst to him, McCants was onto his second career. He started personal training at Golds Gym. Shortly after, he would journey off to start his own company Coach McCants Sports and Fitness LLC. He has been training, coaching and mentoring for the last decade, teaching life lessons through athletics.

Darnerien McCants now resides in the Washington DC metro area, is married to his college sweetheart, and has two magnificent children.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu
General Manager, Capital City Go-Go
NBA Alum

Pops Mensah-Bonsu enters his second season as General Manager of the Go-Go. Mensah-Bonsu directed the Go-Go to a 25-25 record in their inaugural season, becoming just the second NBA G League expansion team to finish .500 or above in its first season of existence since 2010.

Mensah-Bonsu came to the Go-Go having spent the last 10-plus years as a player and scout. Mensah-Bonsu spent 2016-2018 as a pro personnel scout with the San Antonio Spurs.

Mensah-Bonsu returns to Washington, D.C. once again in his career, which began with a four-year career at George Washington University, where he led the Colonials to two NCAA Tournament appearances. After going undrafted in the 2006 NBA Draft, Mensah-Bonsu signed with the Dallas Mavericks, spending the majority of the season with the Fort Worth Flyers of the then-NBA Development League (NBA D League). Mensah-Bonsu played four years in the NBA with Dallas, San Antonio, Toronto, Houston and New Orleans while also spending time in the NBA D League and overseas before retiring in 2015. Born in London, Mensah-Bonsu also competed on the British Men’s National team during the 2012 London Olympics.

Following his retirement in 2015, Mensah-Bonsu worked at the National Basketball Players Association as a regional representative and international liaison for NBA players, providing the necessary resources to help players on and off the court. San Antonio hired Mensah-Bonsu as a pro personnel scout for the Eastern region prior to the 2016-17 season. In both roles, Mensah-Bonsu primarily operated out of Washington, D.C. and frequently attended Washington Wizards games.

Mensah-Bonsu’s familiarity with the D.C. area extends beyond his playing days with George Washington, his time with the NBPA and scouting work. The former pro was a frequent participant at the Goodman League, a local pro-am league that takes place in Barry Farms in Southeast, D.C. Mensah-Bonsu has become a staple in the Ward 8 community, spending time at the Goodman League, local schools and other Southeast, D.C. community events during his tenure as General Manager.

Mensah-Bonsu graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2006. The north London native has four children: Lola, 12, Raelyn, 9, Chloe, 5 and Joseph, 3.

Erika Mueller
Senior Africa Specialist, Peace Corps
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Erika Mueller is a proud Washington state native and graduate of Brown University, where she majored in Ethnic Studies and captained the Varsity Softball Team. Erika has forged a unique path leveraging sport to drive international social change and produce tangible results, including increased access to education in under-resourced communities.

She held roles as International Program Manager at the Paralympic legacy organization BlazeSports in Atlanta, Executive Director of the Ivy Sports Symposium, and Managing Director of the Football Foundation of South Africa – Barclay’s first international Spaces for Sport Site. She has professional experience designing and delivering multi-stakeholder international development projects in sport for development and peace in fifteen countries across six continents.

Based out of Washington, DC, Erika currently serves as a Senior Africa Specialist at Peace Corps HQ and is pursuing her Executive MBA at IE Business School in Madrid. She also oversees the USAID Sport for Development Metrics and Evaluation Learning Lab, is Managing Editor of the Journal of Sport for Development, and is a Board Member for the Scotland-based True Athlete Project NGO. Erika is passionate about mentoring and building partnerships across the private and public sectors to drive sustainable community development.

David N. Pessin
Co-Founding Member of Pessin Katz Law, P.A.

David is the Co-Founding Member of Pessin Katz Law, P.A. (PK Law) and has been practicing law for over 36 years.

David began his legal career in estate and business planning and during his decades of practice in those fields has assisted clients and their families from all walks of life – not only the fortunate who have substantial wealth and celebrity, but also those of more modest means who also deserve protection – preserve and maintain their personal and business assets from erosion which could result from taxes; personal liability; family fights; improper, outdated, incomplete or inappropriate planning; the decimating cost of long term care; probate; marital issues; and all other forms of personal or professional liability.

David is also one of the few attorneys in the area who regularly plans for and advises professional athletes, entertainers and broadcasters in personal and business matters and has established a solid reputation as a valuable resource for American and international athletes and broadcasters. Some of David’s high-profile clients include Olympian, Michael Phelps; former NBA Point Guard and current NBA coach, Sam Cassell; Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Tito Ortiz; Baltimore Orioles Broadcaster, Fred Manfra; Tampa Bay Rays Broadcaster, Andy Freed; University of Maryland and NBA Basketball Star Maryland Sports Radio Network broadcaster and financial advisor, Walt Williams; ABC 7’s Veronica Johnson; University of Maryland and NBA basketball player, Harvard Law School Graduate, Knight Commission Member and ESPN broadcaster Len Elmore; NBC 4 weather broadcaster, Chuck Bell, and Olympic gold medalist, Helen Maroulis.

Ricky Ray
Former NFL Player, President of the NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter
Business Solutions Manager, World Bank
Connect with Ricky on LinkedIn

Ricky is the President of the NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter. He played in the NFL for 4 seasons and now works as a Business Solutions Manager at the World Bank.

Ricky is passionate about putting together opportunities for former players to succeed off the field, and works hard to ensure that members of the DC chapter are given the appropriate resources.

Frances Reimers
Founder & CEO, Firestarter
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Frances Reimers is the founder and CEO of Firestarter, a personal brand consultancy located in Alexandria, VA. Firestarter helps athletes and executives to develop, manage, enhance, and protect a key professional asset: their personal brands.

Some of Firestarter’s current and former clients include: the Denver Nuggets, the NFL Alumni Association, Buffalo Bills offensive linemen Jon Feliciano and Jeremiah Sirles, LA Rams Aaron Donald’s AD99 Solutions Foundation, Dale Earnhardt Jrs’ JR Motorsports, GMS Racing, former Baltimore Ravens Kicker Matt Stover and his nonprofit, the Players Philanthropy Fund, Ray Lewis’ Ray of Hope Foundation, and multiple other retired and current professional athletes, coaches, and professional service providers.

Frances currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Child & Family Network Center. She is also on the Advisory Boards for the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger.

Frances has contributed to articles in O Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Front Office Sports, Thrive, BuzzFeed, Washingtonian Bride and Groom, Washington Post, and You Can Magazine. She’s been a frequent guest on radio and TV shows and podcasts. In 2014, she was a featured guest on CNN’s Live with Piers Morgan. Frances is a 2016 recipient of the Alexandria, VA Chamber of Commerce’s 40 Under 40 award.  

Darrell Rogers
Director of Advocacy, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Darrell Rogers is a New Jersey native, who began his career in Washington, D.C. by working for several notable nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. 

Darrell regularly appears in the media and at conferences as an issue expert.  For the past eight years, his work has been dedicated to protecting and promoting complementary and alternative healthcare access. 

Darrell is also a Health Coach, having completed his training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Darrell received a B.A. in history from William Paterson University and a M.A. in American government from The Catholic University of America. 

Tiffany Scott
Co-Founder and President, elite8 mktg

Tiffany Scott is the Co-Founder and President, Strategic Marketing of elite8 mktg, a marketing agency for sports + entertainment brands. She began her career as a Program + Volunteer Coordinator for “London’s Bridge,” the foundation of retired NFL Linebacker London Fletcher. In that role, she developed custom programming for middle school children, exposing them to new career opportunities outside of their neighborhoods.

From there she worked with the sports agency Octagon in the Baseball Division. In that role she developed brand marketing strategies for the agency’s client roster. She then spent two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings in the marketing department where she contributed to the strategic planning and activation of the various marketing campaigns and philanthropic initiatives.

Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Howard University and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing + Sport Management from The George Washington University.

Zane Schweitzer
ISA World Champion, Author, ECO & Aloha Ambassador, Speaker

A waterman since birth, Zane holds 17 World Titles, is an ISA World Champion, two-time Ultimate Waterman and three-time Master of the Ocean Champion. He leads a full and present life as he travels the world competing, teaching surf clinics to adults and children, and talking story. Being influenced by many leaders in ECO activism, a major part of his speaking and event activities involves promoting the health of our planet, particularly the oceans. Zane is looking to partner with brands that share his values and echo his mantra – to innovate and inspire.

Zane, or Zaniac as he’s known, is enthusiastic about spreading the message that “every step matters.” He achieves this by being an Aloha Ambassador, and truly embodying that in everything he does. Zane is also the author of “Beneath the Surface,” a book that weaves together teachings with stories of his travels, competitions, and motivations that all led to his InZane Life.

Otis Smith
Former NFL Player, NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter Member
Coach, Public Speaker

Otis Smith played in the NFL for 12 years and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001. Smith since has been involved with coaching and public speaking.

He has served as a coach under Andy Reid’s staff at the Eagles from 2008-2009, then moved to the Kansas City Chiefs for several years. He was also recently named a DB Coach for the new Los Angeles Wildcats XFL team.

Otis lives in DC with his family, is actively involved in public speaking and is an active member of the NFLPA DC Former Players Chapter.

Matt Stover
Former NFL Player
Vice President & Co-Founder, Players’ Philanthropy Fund

Matt Stover, born January 27, 1968, is a former NFL kicker. Throughout his professional career, the retired Pro Bowl kicker and two-time Super Bowl Champion, played for the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

Stover graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a marketing degree and holds the NCAA record for most punts in a single game. Stover was drafted by the Giants in the 1990 NFL Draft and went on to win the Super Bowl in his rookie year. In 1991, Stover signed with the Cleveland Browns and played as a Brown for five seasons.

After the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996, Stover spent the majority of his career as a Baltimore Raven. He was instrumental in the Ravens’ 2000 Super Bowl run, scoring 49 straight points for the Ravens during a five-game stretch in which the Ravens failed to score an offensive touchdown. Stover became a two-time Super Bowl Champion that year when the Ravens defeated his former team, the New York Giants, in Super Bowl XXXV.

Stover retired after the 2009 season as a Baltimore Raven and the NFL’s fourth all-time leading scorer. At the time of his retirement, he was the last remaining member of the original Cleveland Browns still active in the NFL.

In 2011, after his 13-season tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, Stover was inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor, which recognizes elite players who possess a rare combination of talent and characteristics that every member of the Ravens organization strives to achieve and maintain.

In 2002, Stover and his wife formed the Matt Stover Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the Baltimore community and helping those in need through a variety of programs, outreach and support. Additionally, Stover serves on the National Board for the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) and the McDonogh School Board.

Stover is currently Vice President and Co-Founder of the Players’ Philanthropy Fund (PPF), a donor advised fund to facilitate charitable giving for professional athletes. A firm believer in philanthropy and giving back to the community, Stover co-founded PPF to continue to make philanthropy a part of the next chapter of his life off the field. Stover strives to assist professional athletes in becoming the philanthropic leaders that they can and should be in their communities.

Stover is also a venture capitalist which has included ownership in Creditcards.com, Evoshield and Kermitppi. He also is a motivational speaker for many financial firms.

Stover resides in Cockeysville, Md. with his wife and high school sweetheart, Debra, and their three children, Jenna, Jacob and Joe.


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