Athlete Career Transition

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At Tackle What’s Next, our post career transition services allow us to help professional athletes plan for their next chapter. The end of a professional sports career can be daunting but the opportunities in front of you are endless. We work hard to help former and current professional athletes use their brand equity to create a successful second career. Whether you are looking to get a job, start a business, invest in a restaurant, invest in real estate or start a philanthropic initiative, we work with you to make it happen.

We will work with you to create or refresh your resume, prepare for that big meeting or interview, and network to create those potential opportunities. With our extensive network of corporate and non-profit executives in various industries, we can connect you with the right people to make your dream a reality.

Networking 101

Learn how to work a room and work your connections. Being a professional athlete opens a lot of doors that the average person could never even imagine. Let our team help you use that to your advantage and open up opportunities for you to make an impact.

Resume Building and Interview Skills

Resumes aren’t just for job hunting- it’s important to keep them updated in case a potential partner wants to learn more about your background. With our human resources experience, we can help you stay on top of your documents or get prepared for the job hunt.

Our team stays up to speed with what employers are looking for with resumes, bios and cover letters and can help make sure your documents are in tip-top shape for any job or opportunity you are considering. We can also get you ready for interviews or big partnership pitches, whether they are over the phone or in person.

Cause Marketing

Philanthropy is an expected responsibility in sports these days. We work with you in your role as a professional athlete to partner with influential brands and non-profits that fit well as strategic partners. Our team is familiar with coordinating event logistics and marketing needs from start to finish for conferences, fundraisers and philanthropy initiatives. We offer strategic partnerships, event management, digital marketing, media outreach and more to make your initiatives, collaborations and events a success.

Complete Your Undergraduate Degree

Looking to go back to school and get your undergrad degree? Our degree completion team can help you achieve that promise you made to your mom and finish up your undergrad work. We have assisted dozens of professional athletes who have gone back to school to finish their undergraduate degrees or pursued a masters degree. We can help with all aspects of the degree completion process, including:

  • Connect with previous college advisors and administrators
  • Work with those advisors to create realistic degree completion plan
  • Register for classes
  • Coordinate reimbursement and scholarships from the appropriate professional sports league and players association
  • Create a comprehensive schedule to help you stay on top of coursework

Whether you have one class or ten classes to complete, we can help you achieve your degree efficiently and affordably. Take advantage of the resources your professional sports career has created for you – many times you have player benefits that will pay for you to go back to school. Don’t put off your dream of finishing your college degree. We’ll help you handle the degree completion details so you can focus on getting the grades.