About Us


Founded by sports executive and marketing professional Danielle Berman, DB Consulting helps professional athletes tackle what’s next- learn how to master their brand and make an impact in the world around them.


—In today’s day and age, there are many people concerned about what the brands they support and use on a regular basis stand for. Whether it is athletes on social media, your coffee brand that you drink on the way to work every morning, or brands you wear, social reputation matters more than ever.

We’ve found that many athletes do not understand how to best leverage their brand in a positive social light that makes a true impact. Many are too overwhelmed to take a position or support a cause, or worse, they set up their own foundations that collect dust because they have no focus.


At DB Consulting, we want to help solve that problem. We work with athletes, brands and non-profits to help them find a positive focus that fits their life, their mission and their passion. Our services include  strategic partnerships, hospitality and events, and marketing. We also offer project management and career development services for professional athletes. Especially in today’s world of athlete activism, we strive to help brands, teams, and athletes themselves be able to not only appropriately address these issues but also take action in a way that makes a lasting impact towards their cause. We can help you take on life outside of sports confidently.

Our Founder

Danielle has worked with dozens of professional athletes, non-profits and corporations on philanthropic initiatives ranging from international mission trips to local football camps. She has a background in digital marketing and media relations as well as business development and strategic partnerships. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2012 with a degree in Sports Management with a minor in Public Communications and has recently completed a Sports Philanthropy Certificate from George Washington University.

For more information or to contact our team, please email tacklewhatsnext@gmail.com.